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Dec05_InspirationalToday is the day. You're finally going to plan to that remodel you've been wanting to do for ages. What happens next? This is where the Design Team comes in! The Design Team is here to help you navigate all your options and energy efficiency down to the last detail. Stumped for ideas? Don't forget that the Design Team is now featured on Houzz! The Design Team keeps up-to-date on all the latest home remodeling trends, from master suite additions, to kitchen remodels, to larger bedrooms. How about that sun porch you've always wanted? A new deck? The Design Team does it all! Mud rooms are also another very popular addition, particularly to our Minnesota homes. They offer a back entry to the garage, closet area for backpacks, snow boots, etc. The Design Team also does rural/farm type add-ons, which may feature a very large mudroom complete with laundry room, and even a shower and bath. Whatever your dream, whatever your remodel project, big or small, the Design Team will make it a reality. Call us today and get started. We look forward to building with you!

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House Style of the Month - Colonial

b2ap3_thumbnail_Sept02_Inspirational.jpgThe Design Team offers St. Cloud home plans of all different styles. If you are looking for a traditional design that never goes out of style, you may want to consider the colonial, our House Style of the Month.


History of the Colonial House

The colonial style house was derived out of the Colonial period of the US during the 1700s. The first colonial homes were two stories with one room per floor. Over time, the colonial developed into what is known as the four-over-four style, meaning four rooms on each of two stories.


Colonial homes come in many sizes, but all share certain features. One of these is a symmetrical design with a front door in the middle of the front of the house. These homes will have two windows on either side of the entry door, and five across the top level, one of which will be over the front door. Colonials will have a pitched roof and a stairway that is behind the front door.

Colonial homes have been around since the dawn of our country, and never go out of style. Call the Design Team today to find out more about this beautiful, traditional home plan.

Double-Hung Windows
6" Lap Siding
6 Panel Doors
10/12 to 12/12 Roof Slope
Small Panes of Glass
Center Hall Was Common
Gable Roof
Occasionally Side Lights By Front Door Were Used
Corner Boards
Small Garage Doors
Symmetrical In Front
Most of the Time Chimney on Ends of House Were Used
9" to 12" Overhang
Little Overhang or Non on Gable Ends

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Building in North Dakota? What You Need to Know

Are you part of the North Dakota oil boom? Have you and/or your family recently transferred or are planning to transfer to North Dakota? The Williston area is experiencing rapid growth and homeowners are in need of home plans that meet their needs and are as unique as their family. If you fall in this category, The Design Team can create a custom home plan you’ll love to call home.

The Design Team doesn’t just work in Minnesota. Although we are “Minnesota Nice” we’ve collaborated with contractors and homeowners throughout the United States. The Design Team partners with Simonson Lumber (Williston, ND) to bring you the best in materials, service and building education available to the North Dakota market.

If you are part of the oil boom in the North Dakota area, and are looking to build a home, condo, or townhouse give The Design Team a call (320) 252-1517. We are working with contractors and homeowners and families in the Williston, ND and surrounding areas on creating long lasting homes that look beautiful and fit the needs of the homeowners they are designed for.

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Work with The Design Team St Cloud - We’re Hiring!


The Design Team (St Cloud, MN) is hiring a full-time position for our Saint Cloud office. We are looking to hire an Architectural/Residential Design and Drafting person in St. Cloud, MN. Do you have a full understanding of residential construction and architectural design? Do you love creating home plans that stand the test of time, are unique, and individually created to meet the needs of homeowners? Then we want to hear from you!

Founded in 1997 The Design Team creates custom residential designs and construction documents for new and remodeled homes. Looking for candidates with a minimum two to three years of experience in: residential design, client meetings, Revit and AutoCad software, Sketchup & color rendering is a plus. Benefits include health, dental and life insurance along with 401k. Some travel is required. Please submit resumes to 2455 12th Street SE, St. Cloud, MN 56304 or to

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House Style of the Month - The Queen Ann Victorian

July’s house style of the month is The Queen Ann Victorian style.


Coming from the 1800’s this style is the result of advanced technology of the when ornate moldings and many other parts could be mass-produced cheaply. Richard Shaw designed the very first Queen Ann Victorian style house in England, however the first ones to be built were found in California where the trend then spread to the rest of the United States. These houses are 2 – 3 stories tall, typically with 6” lap siding and 6/12 – 12/12 roof slope. Some key features of these homes include bay, picture, stained glass and tall double hung windows, turrets, decorative chimney tops, many porches including porte-cochere and carpenter’s lace.

If the Queen Ann Victorian style home is your dream home, contact The Design Team (St Cloud MN) for information on how you can make your next home Victorian style while still fitting the needs of you and your family. Call (320) 252-1517 for information on St Cloud MN Victorian custom homes. 

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Implementing a Custom Home Design


After an initial consultation with The Design Team (St Cloud MN), you can expect a first draft within 2-3 week. This timetable varies according to the relative complexity of the project and your personal needs. An average project could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of months.

The Design Team (St Cloud MN) can help you create the home of your dreams with an eye for precision and craftsmanship. Please call (320) 252-1517 for more information or to get started.

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What Home Style Fits Your Family?


Custom home design for new construction is a specialty of The Design Team. Do you know what home style best meets your needs and the needs of your family?

Before starting your custom home design, learn about the most popular home styles and the key elements of each style to determine which style best represents you

You can view the different home design styles The Design Team has had the pleasure of working with as well. Visit us on Houzz to see the variety of styles we’ve recently designed for happy homeowners here:

Contact The Design Team (St Cloud MN) for information on the differences between home design styles and how to determine which home design would be best for you. We look forward to connecting with you! (320) 252-1518.

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Building a Custom Home in Central Minnesota


Building a custom home is a very exciting time in your life - congratulations! When considering the home of your dreams - size, complexity, and general scope of the project determine the initial estimated price to complete the design work and construction documents. If you are not sure you need construction documents, be sure to re-read a past post here.

The Design Team (St Cloud MN) designs homes to fit your lifestyle. If your current living arrangements no longer meet your needs, consider building this summer/fall. Contact The Design Team to find out what’s involved in building a custom designed home (320) 252-1517.

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