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Spring Ahead!

We know, we know...with old man winter just sinking his claws in it's hard to think about now, but spring will fortunately be here around the corner! With that in mind, it's never too early to start planning your spring build with the Design Team (St. Cloud, MN). Now is the perfect time to meet with the Design Team and start discussing options, location, and plans for our spring build or remodel! What could be more warming than watching your dream home plans come together this winter? Remember, if you're looking for more ideas, the CMBA (Central Minnesota Builders Association) will be putting on its spring show on March 11, 12, and 13th, 2016. This will be located at the St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud. With all these options and the Design Team here to guide you, we are certain you will find the perfect plan for your new dream home in the new year. Call the Design Team today and get started on planning your spring build!

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House Style of the Month - Mission House

MissionCustomHome_TheDesignTeamThe Design Team offers St. Cloud home plans of all different styles to match our customers’ needs. If you want something a little outside of the box then consider our house style of the month, the mission house. Our St. Cloud, MN home design can make this a reality for you.

History of the Mission House
The mission house style was first developed in the Western U.S. around the year 1800. This house style started to take root in the West as settlers became aware of the cultural and architectural past of the region. They then decided to incorporate some of these elements when building their homes, copying the style of old mission churches in the area.

Characteristics of the Mission House
There are a few design elements that really help the mission house stand out and embody the mission church style. Mission style homes are often built with a hip roof that has tile. They are also easily recognizable by their stucco walls and arched doors and windows. Casement windows with small panes of glass and a front door with many panels are also common features of the mission house.

Remodeling your St. Cloud home with a mission house design is sure to bring new life and flavor to the neighborhood.

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January House Style of the Month: Modern Split Entry


This particular home design has the distinction of being one of the preferred house designs following the end of WWII, lasting in popularity from roughly 1945-1980, at which point traditional housing began to come back into favor. The modern split entry house, also known as a split level design, is characterized by a wide open floor plan and a gable or hip roof. It is ideal for those looking for a traditional home design that affords the owner a certain amount of flexibility. The split level design can accommodate any type of door or window and has a 1' to 2' overhang.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of this home is that it can be built quickly and inexpensively. If you believe the Modern Split Entry Home Design fits your needs, call The Design Team, the leader in St. Cloud Home Design! The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) would be happy to answer any further design related questions you may have at 320-252-1517 as they work towards building your dream home!

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How does The Design Team Incorporate Design Ideas for Homeowners?


In today's fast-paced society, time might be the most valuable commodity we have. That's why the experts at The Design Team listen and communicate with you the homeowner. We approach every project at a client first, personal level.

For best results, our designers recommend that you have a general idea of what you want to achieve. Our designers aim to help refine certain aspects of your home design vision as opposed to dictating when and how everything gets accomplished.

During your complimentary first client meeting The Design Team strives to understand what you have in mind - so that we can keep the revisions to a minimum. Want more information? Give us a call (320) 252-1517 to schedule a free consultation.

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