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Dec09_InspirationalThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) is happy to help you navigate every option of your home build or remodel, every step of the way. We will even assist you in making choices you may not initially realize factor into your project. For example, the Design Team will make different options available based on whether your home will be a seasonal one or a permanent residence. The Design Team experts will also help you decide which options would work best for you depending on how long you plan on living in your year-round residence. Will you be making some improvements and selling it again in the future? Or will this be your forever home? Maybe you're not sure yet, and that's okay, too! The Design Team will go over all your options. We pay attention to specific design versus attention to potential resale. Forever homes may utilize features such as 3-foot doorways and fewer steps. Whatever your desires, the Design Team is here to fulfill them, every step of the way. Call and set up your no-cost consultation today!

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The average person isn't always aware of all the building codes, which are updated regularly. The Design Team takes the guesswork out of your dream home vision by partnering closely with the CMBA (Central Minnesota Builders Association), making sure our plans are up to the latest codes. The Design Team prides itself on working with homeowners, contractors, lumberyards, and realtors, ensuring a custom home design or remodel that exceeds all expectations. You have questions, The Design Team has answers. Feel free to refer to the CMBA website also: Whatever it takes, St. Cloud custom home design experts, The Design Team, are on hand to make your dream a reality. Call and set up your free consultation today!

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Does The Design Team Work with Independent Contractors?


The Design Team (St Cloud MN) does work with contractors if you so choose. There is no designated list of The Design Team (St Cloud MN) approved contractors forced upon clients. We are willing to work with anyone you wish to bring on board the design project.

The Design Team (St Cloud MN) finds it helpful to have lumberyards & contractors involved. They support your efforts in keeping the budget in check, and lend a practical perspective to your project. Sometimes, the homeowner wants to manage the project & get several bids - and that's great too. Whatever direction you want to take your future home construction, the pros at The Design Team are willing to listen to your ideas and preferred approach. Call (320) 252-1517 to schedule a free consultation.

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