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All Decked Out

All Decked Out St. Cloud, MNThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) wants to remind you that now is the time to get all decked out! Start planning that dream deck you've always wanted. Whether you're looking for a private oasis or expanded entertainment area, The Design Team will draw up plans for the outdoor space of your dreams. You will be amazed how much beauty and value a gorgeous deck will add to your home or cabin! From basic to elaborate, The Design Team designs it all. With room for a porch swing or even a hot tub, the only limit is your imagination. We can also make suggestions based on your location and ideas. Call today and set up your free consultation (320) 252-1517. Let The Design Team get you all decked out!

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The Lake Effect

The Lake Effect St. Cloud, MNThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) is celebrating our 20th year in the business, serving St. Cloud and surrounding areas with stunning home plans. We know all the ins and outs of the business and work with you to deliver your new home or remodel in a timely fashion. If you're planning on opening up your cabin next season, use your lake time this summer to get your plans in place! The design process is more challenging than it has been in the past, and The Design Team wants to make sure this doesn't impede your goals for your cabin. Each piece of the project takes time, and The Design Team strives to have your project completed on time for you! With that in mind, now is the time to call and set up your free consultation: (320) 252-1517. Don't let permit times mess up your lake effect...get started now on those cabin plans for next summer!

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The Design Team Difference

When it comes time to design your dream home or remodel, there is no better team than The Design Team! We have been in business for over 20 years, and know all the Minnesota codes and processes from start to finish. Having designers who know the ins and outs of the business and the code specifications you need to know is a huge saver of both time and money for you in the long run. The Design Team has designed hundreds of beautiful dream homes in Minnesota, and look forward to designing hundreds more! We take the hassle out of your home plans by working directly with homeowners, contractors, lumberyards, and realtors to make the process as seamless as possible for you. Call today and get started with your free consultation: (320) 252-1517. Now is the time to get started on your dream home plans if you’d like to get started this year, so don't delay! It's important to leave plenty of time to finalize your home plans before builders get booked up this year. Take that first step and discover The Design Team difference today!

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The feature of the Month....Mudrooms

The feature of the Month....Mudrooms St. CloudThe Design Team offers St. Cloud and surrounding areas stunning home plans in a variety of styles. This month we are focusing on a key feature in home design: mudrooms!

Mudrooms are a Minnesota staple and have a variety of sizes and uses. Typically these rooms are located off the garage and may include 3 common features: laundry, powder room, and storage. The size of your family dictates how much space you will need. Do you have athletes in the family? Mudrooms are perfect for storing athletic gear and equipment. Add some storage benches with hooks to store seasonal items and hang coats to dry from the elements. Doors can be closed off when you have company to keep the area looking neat. If you have dogs, mudrooms are ideal spaces for a food station, dog bed, kennel area, and more. Or add a craft table and turn your mudroom into a perfect space for paints, clay, and other messy pursuits! The options are endless and the choice is yours.

We often like to refer to the mud room as the ‘Owner’s Entrance’. This the most used entrance into the home, and is most likely used by your closest friends and family. Why not dress it up a little? As American architect Louis Sullivan said, “Form follows function”.

Whatever your needs, The Design Team will draft the perfect plans and ideal-sized mudroom for you and your family. Call today and set up your free consultation: (320) 252-1517. We look forward to drawing you in!

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Time To Make a Plan

Time To Make a PlanThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) wants to remind you that NOW is the time to start planning your spring or summer project. Permits are taking longer to obtain, inspectors require engineering, and more and more codes are needing to be met. Never fear! That's where The Design Team comes in. Our experienced staff knows how to draft the perfect designs that are sure to be up to all the most recent codes. We want to keep you in the loop, though, and the right home designs take more than a few weeks. Drafts take time, revisions take time, and the process takes time. The Design Team wants exactly what you want—the perfect home plans delivered when you want them. Don't delay for your 2017 plans. Call today (320) 252-1517 and get started with your free consultation. We look forward to drawing you in!

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Here's The Topper

Your new home's "crowning achievement" is its roof. The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) is on hand to assist you with all your roofing options. First and foremost, you need a roof with sturdy materials to protect you from the harsh elements. The shape of your roof reflects the character of your home, and its color helps to emphasize certain aspects of its exterior. Another important factor is your garage placement and doors. Many garages now face front and center, so The Design Team helps you choose the options that best reflect your tastes and home style. Now is the time to start planning for spring. Call (320) 252-1517 today and trust the expertise of The Design Team to get your dream home plans complete!

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A Perfect Fit

The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) knows that every vision is as unique as the individual. That's why we want to thoroughly get to know our clients before we start drafting your plans. The Design Team offers a free initial consultation, usually lasting about an hour, where we go over all of your specific needs, style preferences, and budget. We will discuss your lifestyle, and how best to design a home that complements it. The Design Team will also address your property, square footage, lot requirements, and architectural style. You have a vision The Design Team will bring it to life with your dream home plans. Call (320)-252-1517 today and get started on your free consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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Women In Business

Women In BusinessThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) were proud to be featured last month in the Women In Business publication. Our combined years of expertise have helped us gain our reputation as some of the best designers in the business. We aren't just about crafting dreams, we are about crafting excellent relationships- with our clients, builders, lumber yards, contractors, and realtors. The Design Team comes from all different backgrounds and offers unique perspectives on the wishes of our clients. We go the extra mile to add all your favorite personal touches that make your dream house a home. We custom-tailor our designs for all new construction and remodels to give you the best possible experience. Please enjoy reading our feature article in Women In Business so you can learn a bit more about our amazing team. We look forward to inspiring you!

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Seeing is Believing

The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) knows that planning a remodel can be a daunting prospect. Never fear, this is where our expertise comes in! We at The Design Team know that it's one thing to look at blueprints, but another thing entirely to be able to see your plans in actions before you remodel. That's why we proudly offer our Home Visualizer tool. Just upload a photo of your home and you can make adjustments and implement ideas before you even begin! This powerful tool will allow you to get a clear picture of exactly what your new remodel will look like. Work directly with The Design Team to get your picture-perfect design before you even start! With so many clear advantages and the very latest technological advances in home design, The Design Team is your clear choice for your next home plan or remodel.

Want to get started? Take a look at some of the videos that will walk you through getting your home uploaded and ready to use.

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows set up & masking.

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows masking.

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows Roof

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows Door, Windows & Openings

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows Snapshots

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Seeing Is Believing

Nov10_InspirationalThe Design Team, (St. Cloud, MN) knows seeing is believing. This is especially important when trying to visualize your custom build plan or remodel. Check out our newest interactive feature to help you get an accurate, detailed picture of your vision for your project. With our free interactive visualizer, The Design Team allows you the option to experiment with colors, textures & different materials right before your eyes, on any device, anytime! Call today for your free consultation and experience The Design Team difference!

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House Style of the Month: Rambler

Mega HomesThis home design offers some new adaptations on a more traditional favorite. What in the past has been referred to as a Rambler-style home, now incorporates some different features. This floor plan is one-story, and can include a patio home design. Often narrower lots will encourage creative design variations. These homes offer large basements, which are perfect for additional living space, recreation areas or entertaining. Although original rambler homes were fairly simple, we now see them dressed up with interesting roof lines, details borrowed from many styles, or porches. Are you thinking of updating your rambler home? Give The Design Team a call (320) 252-1517.

If you feel the Rambler design fits your needs, call the Design Team, the leader in St. Cloud home design! The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) would be happy to answer any further design-related questions you may have at 320-252-1517. We look forward to designing your dream home!

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Take the Headache Out of Remodeling

Jan08_InspirationalGraphicNo matter how comfortable you are in your home or how long you've lived there, there's always one area that could stand to be fully remodeled or given an updated look. Do you have a room in mind? The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) can help refine some of the more subtle aspects of your design ideas to create an end product that enhances your original vision for the project, incorporating your feedback at every step of the process.

During an introductory consultation our designers aim to get to know you as a person and develop a detailed, yet efficient design plan that is in keeping with your personality type. We recommend you do some research online while comparing and contrasting various remodeling tactics for the area in question before calling us to shorten the expected duration of the project. Call The Design Team today at (320) 252-1517 to put your remodeling plan into action!

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Choosing a Designer for Your Dream Home

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0832.jpgChoosing someone to help you create a home is a serious decision. At the Design Team St Cloud MN, only the best trained professionals are available to serve you. Friendly, prompt, creative, dependable - these are only some of the words used to describe our team of designers. Many home building companies choose to use The Design Team St Cloud MN because of these very same qualities.

The Design Team offers its services to all of Minnesota as well as nationally. For any further information about The Design Team or its services, call (320) 252-1517. 

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