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Women In Business

Women In BusinessThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) were proud to be featured last month in the Women In Business publication. Our combined years of expertise have helped us gain our reputation as some of the best designers in the business. We aren't just about crafting dreams, we are about crafting excellent relationships- with our clients, builders, lumber yards, contractors, and realtors. The Design Team comes from all different backgrounds and offers unique perspectives on the wishes of our clients. We go the extra mile to add all your favorite personal touches that make your dream house a home. We custom-tailor our designs for all new construction and remodels to give you the best possible experience. Please enjoy reading our feature article in Women In Business so you can learn a bit more about our amazing team. We look forward to inspiring you!

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House Style of the Month...Classic Colonial

Classic-ColonialThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) offers St. Cloud and all other areas stunning home plans in a wide variety of styles. If you're looking for a classic design that never goes out of style, you may be interested in our design of the month, the Classic Colonial.


The Classic Colonial is based on classic Greek architecture. The style was introduced by Thomas Jefferson, who used it to begin building Monticello in 1772, which was completed in 1803. It is widely believed that there is very little difference between classic colonial, southern colonial, and Greek revival styles.

  • columns
  • Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian capitals
  • porticos (porch)
  • variety of roof shapes on the same house
  • 2 to 3 stories
  • double-hung windows
  • small panes
  • some round or round-top windows
  • fan windows
  • 6-panel door
  • brick or stucco

Call the Design Team today to discuss whether the Classic Colonial may be the perfect design for you! Remember, The Design Team designers are right on staff to custom-tailor any design to better suit your needs. We look forward to meeting you!

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Home Show

Apr02_InspirationalThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) is happy to announce that we will be participating in another upcoming home show. The Williston Home Show is going to be held on April 15-17. If you haven't had a chance to attend a home show yet this spring, save the dates because now is your chance! The Design Team will also be hosting a design seminar, featuring "the good, the bad, and the ugly!" We will be on hand to show you examples of all different types of designs, so you know which are ideal for your purposes, and which pitfalls to avoid. Mark your calendars and The Design Team will see you at the Williston Home Show soon!

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Seeing is Believing

The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) knows that planning a remodel can be a daunting prospect. Never fear, this is where our expertise comes in! We at The Design Team know that it's one thing to look at blueprints, but another thing entirely to be able to see your plans in actions before you remodel. That's why we proudly offer our Home Visualizer tool. Just upload a photo of your home and you can make adjustments and implement ideas before you even begin! This powerful tool will allow you to get a clear picture of exactly what your new remodel will look like. Work directly with The Design Team to get your picture-perfect design before you even start! With so many clear advantages and the very latest technological advances in home design, The Design Team is your clear choice for your next home plan or remodel.

Want to get started? Take a look at some of the videos that will walk you through getting your home uploaded and ready to use.

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows set up & masking.

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows masking.

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows Roof

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows Door, Windows & Openings

Attached is a YouTube link with a video that shows Snapshots

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Visualize First

Feb09_InspirationalThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) knows the best way to conceptualize your upcoming remodel or home plans is to see them in action! That's why we have our free Visualizer tool on our Design Team website. You can have a look for yourself here

View sample projects, upload your own photo and use our simple tools to add new ideas to your home, or modify and share stored projects. Take the guesswork out of your home ideas with the Design Team's Visualizer. This is such a great tool for collaboration on ideas with the Design Team! Call today for your consultation and find out what sets the Design Team apart in home design.

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View To A Thrill

Jan08_InspirationalIf you've always dreamed of that stunning home on the lake, The Design Team is the perfect choice to make your dream a reality! The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) specializes in beautiful lake home designs, custom-tailored to include all your favorite features, as well as maximizing your location to display the most majestic views. Not sure exactly what you want? Not a problem! The Design Team sits down with you and gets an extensive idea of your lifestyle and needs, offering suggestions from our expert staff to make sure you end up with the lake home of your dreams! The only limit is your imagination. Visit us on Houzz and browse our beautiful galleries for lake home ideas. Call today and get started on building your perfect lake home!

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Save Your Energy

Nov08_InspirationalThe Design Team, St. Cloud custom home builders, invites you to consider energy conservation in your next new home or home remodel project. When planning your new build or remodel, we will go over all of your options and decide on the best course of action for you in your new home. Often paying a little extra towards energy-efficient options will offer you bigger savings in the long run, as well as minimizing your impact on the environment. The Design Team is happy to discuss your best choices, including windows, solar panels, and even wind gear. Call today and set up your no-cost consultation. We look forward to saving energy with you!

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Seeing Is Believing

Nov10_InspirationalThe Design Team, (St. Cloud, MN) knows seeing is believing. This is especially important when trying to visualize your custom build plan or remodel. Check out our newest interactive feature to help you get an accurate, detailed picture of your vision for your project. With our free interactive visualizer, The Design Team allows you the option to experiment with colors, textures & different materials right before your eyes, on any device, anytime! Call today for your free consultation and experience The Design Team difference!

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Building in the St Cloud Area - What You Need to Know

Bungalow_CustomFeatures_StCloudYou may have noticed the increase in new home construction in the St Cloud area. Building permits are up in the St Cloud area and homeowners are starting or in the middle of building their dream home. If you’ve been considering building in the St Cloud area, below are a few resources you may want to review.

City of St Cloud - Building Safety

"The City of St. Cloud helps ensure construction of safe buildings and protects community character through zoning laws and building code regulations. The Building Safety Department administers these laws through permits and inspections. When you as a homeowner build something in St. Cloud or change the way you use the home or property, you may need to obtain a permit. "

When Do You Need a Permit? (FAQ’s around City of St Cloud Building Permits)

"Building permits are required for room additions, decks (with walking surface over 6-inches above grade), porches, finishing basements, wood stoves, masonry fireplaces, interior modifications (including any work where existing framing is exposed), structure or non-structural renovations or repairs, demolition work, accessory structures over 100 square feet in area, re-roofing, re-siding, replacement windows (including window inserts), and retaining walls over 4-feet high.

Separate electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits are required for the installation, alteration, repair, relocation, replacement or addition to any wiring, piping, duct alterations, and any equipment, fixtures or appliances associated with those systems."

If you have questions regarding building in the St Cloud area, feel free to give The Design Team a call. We work with the City of St Cloud, local contractors and lumberyards to seamlessly build your new home.

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A Unique Process for Your Unique Home Remodel

Bungalow_CustomHomeDesignCustom home designs and clients looking for a one-of-a-kind home design are unique, and so is The Design Team’s process. At The Design Team, we take pride in getting to know each client's specific needs, style and budget. It's our process that truly sets us apart.

First, we sit down for a free, no obligation consultation meeting. We'll talk about your lifestyle and how your home can complement and enhance your life. We ask about square footage, architectural style, how the home's views will interact with the scenery, lot requirements, your budget and more.

We really get a chance to learn about you and create a custom home design remodel that meets your needs and budget. Is your family growing? Would you like to entertain more? Do you nee more storage? These are common needs as average homeowners begin to outgrow their current home. If you aren’t ready to build from the ground up, consider a remodel. A lot of changes can be resolved with remodeling your current space to a space you love.

If you are not sure now is the right time to move or build - it may be the perfect time to remodel your current home. Contact The Design Team for your free, no obligation consultation.

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Home Style of the Month: Bungalow

Bungalow-Remodel-StCloudThe History of the Bungalow Home:

The peak of the bungalow popularity was from 1900 to 1930. It was built mostly by "do it yourself type people," who ordered a set of plans from some company, or they did their own plans. Some people say it was where the rambler got its start.

  • Mostly double-hung windows
  • 1 to 1 1/2 stories
  • 6" lap siding, stucco or whatever the person wanted that was building the house
  • Open ends on rafters
  • 4/12 to 8/12 roof slope
  • 1' to 2' overhangs
  • Most of the time they were small in size
  • All types of doors
  • Large porch posts

Is the Bungalow home style best for you? If the bungalow home style is a true reflection of you and your family, let The Design Team know! The Design Team has some great new home design ideas for the St Cloud area and beyond. Give us a call 320-252-1517 to get started!

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The Design Team Custom Home Plans Now Online

Mar11_InspirationalThe Design Team works hard to create a custom home design that perfectly fits your lifestyle. We are constantly researching, reviewing, and scouring our sources for the latest in custom home design.

After years of creating custom home designs for homeowners all of Minnesota and beyond, we are excited to announce some of our more popular home plans are online for you to see! Get a clear idea of how your new home could layout, browse styles that work for your family, understand how curb appeal affects your floor plan and more - all in the comforts of your own home!

The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) will be building our home plans directory as we go - but looking through a few of these plans will give you an idea of the flexibility and opportunities that come with custom home design.

Click Here to review some of our more popular plans we’ve created throughout the years. Not seeing anything you like? That’s ok - this is a small sample of what we’ve done and we'd love to chat with you about your dream home.

Call The Design Team 320-252-1517 for more information on how your idea of the perfect home can become a reality!

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Ten Steps to Select the Right Builder for Your Needs

Source: New Home Source, Jay McKenzie

"With the ten steps [below], you’ll be well on your way to selecting a good builder who’s a good fit for you, your needs, and the new home you’ll build together.

10 Steps to Select the Right Builder

  1. Define your needs. What size, type and price range of home do you need?
  2. Experience counts. While every builder was once a new builder, experience matters.
  3. Are past buyers satisfied? Ask for – and check – references from past home buyers.
  4. Verify the builder is licensed (where required) and adequately insured.
  5. Is there a design fit? Does this builder have expertise in the style of home you seek?
  6. Warranty and service. How does this builder stack up for each?
  7. Resale value. Have past homes from this builder maintained or increased value?
  8. Industry involvement. Is the builder a member of the local Home Builder’s Association?
  9. Tour model homes or customer homes. There’s absolutely no substitute for this step.
  10. Look for signs of quality. In workmanship, materials and practices when you tour these homes.

Are you thinking of building in the spring? Now is the time to start talking to builders, designers, subcontractors, and more. Give The Design Team a call at (320) 252-1517 to start the process of building your next home. Your free, no obligation consultation is awaiting you - give us a call. We look forward to meeting you!

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Home Style of the Month: Foursquare

Be sure to check out the Foursquare styles homes this October as they are our Home Style of the Month. Originating in the 1900’s, this style house was built on farms as it was a quick and easy. This style can be recognized for its two and a half stories, brick or 6” lap siding, approximately 30’ square shape and often a center chimney. Some other features include double-hung windows, one to two foot overhang and hip roof and dormers. Most had basements along with many different types of doors. Visit our website at for more information on October’s home style of the month.

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Saving You Money When Hiring A Home Designer and Builder


The following article from The Washington Post talks about “Smart Money Tips.” It’s true - the most important decision you will make is how to use your money wisely during the home building process. How do you know you are getting the best house for your budget? Read the article below for some good smart-money tips - from design experience to square footage and everything in between - you’ll get some good tips to make the entire process more affordable.

CLICK HERE to read the House Watch: Hiring your architect and home builder in tandem can save you money.

Contact The Design Team (St Cloud, MN) 320-252-1517 or for more information or to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our designers. We look forward to hearing your must-haves for your next dream home!

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