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The Design Team Plans - Now Online!

Apr06_InspirationalYou’ve asked…and we’ve answered! A few of our more popular plans and home styles are now online for you to browse. From Multi-Level to Rambler to Story and a Half to Two Story you can browse the different elevations with ease. See an elevation you like? Great! Click on the image to view the individual floor plan.

Modifications to each plan is available. Please contact The Design Team for information or to schedule your free, no obligation meeting. Looking for a different style of home? We will be adding additional home plans in the coming months - but feel free to give us a call at 888-275-7732 and let us know what you are looking for!

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Prairie Architecture


Apr04_InspirationalThis month we talk about Prairie Home Styles. Frank Lloyd Wright was vastly credited for this style,emphasizing the flow of space throughout the house from the inside to outside. "Because the style started in the Midwest, the majority of prairie homes are located there, especially in Illinois and Wisconsin."

Are you interested in a home influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright or the Prairie Home Style? Below are some key elements you’ll want to watch for:

    Key Elements
  • Horizontal lines. Wright was strongly influenced by linear Japanese prints, so everything about a prairie home -- trim, bricks, cedar siding -- is horizontally oriented.
  • Built-in furniture. Wright rejected the Victorian notion of decorating with unrelated art. Prairie homes have mostly built-in furniture and precise decoration.
  • Simple materials. Prairie style explores the nature of materials and uses natural stains to let the character of wood show through.
  • Cantilevered, flat roofs. The long, horizontal roofs on prairie houses had a large, straight overhang, sometimes up to four feet.
  • Open, flowing spaces. Since Wright saw a home as a public space for entertaining, prairie homes were typically centered on the living and dining rooms.
  • Rows of windows. The style often features several windows in a row, placed together for the appearance of a glass wall.
  • Organic patterns. Prairie windows often had window mullions, or dividers, with geometric patterns based on plants like wheat.
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Home Style of the Month - Prairie Style


The Design Team is excited to talk about the Prairie Home Style this month.

Frank Lloyd Wright started this style. He dominated the architectural scene for the first half of the 20th century. His total impact is yet to be fully measured. Unlike many contemporary architects, he was very interested in the home design and how to improve the organization of space.

    Prairie Home Style Characteristics:
  • Emphasis on horizontal lines
  • Wide overhangs
  • 1 or 2 stories and some 3
  • 4/12 slope
  • Hip or gable roof
  • Brick or stucco (sometimes both)
  • Casement window
  • Some leaded glass windows
  • Many casement windows together
  • Clean lines
  • Build from 1895 to 1940
  • Did not use a 6 panel door
  • No small grids
  • Some stone

If you are interested in hearing more about the Prairie style home, call The Design Team at 888-275-7732 for your free consultation. We are excited to meet with you and to see if a Prairie Style home meets your needs and your lifestyle. To find out more about The Design Team’s process, visit.

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Meet The Design Team

The Design Team

Betsy Rakotz
Designer, Manager
Betsy has been with The Design Team since 1997, and brings experience in commercial project estimating and building materials sales. During her time at The Design Team she has been fortunate to work on a myriad of projects ranging from small to big, simple to elaborate. She truly loves designing homes and putting the pieces together in a way that enhances the lifestyles of its new owners. But the best part of her career is getting to know all of the interesting people she’s had the opportunity to meet. Just as no two people are alike, homes take on their owner’s energy and design ideas, making them as unique as their occupants.

Tricia Peters
Tricia graduated from St. Cloud Technical College with an AAS Degree in Architectural Drafting & Design. She joined The Design Team in November of 1997. Tricia does work in both Northern and Southern Minnesota. She enjoys working with clients to help them develop their dreams into reality.
Tricia really enjoys the many different projects that she works on. There’s always something new and different every day.

Sara Lillegaard
Sara graduated with Master Degree in Architecture from North Dakota State University in 2013. After working with commercial architecture for a year, she realized her true passion was in residential design. Sara has been with The Design Team since 2014, and has been a great addition to the team. She is excited to share her experience with Building Information Modeling (BIM), and thrilled to be part of the world of residential design.

Amy Durant
Amy graduated from St. Cloud Technical & Community College with a degree in Architectural Construction Technology. She also has a Teaching degree from St. Cloud State University. Amy has been with The Design Team since 2000. She is delighted about sharing her knowledge as a residential designer to help homeowners design their dream home. She is excited about working on house plans in Minnesota and other states around the country.

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The Design Team Custom Home Plans Now Online

Mar11_InspirationalThe Design Team works hard to create a custom home design that perfectly fits your lifestyle. We are constantly researching, reviewing, and scouring our sources for the latest in custom home design.

After years of creating custom home designs for homeowners all of Minnesota and beyond, we are excited to announce some of our more popular home plans are online for you to see! Get a clear idea of how your new home could layout, browse styles that work for your family, understand how curb appeal affects your floor plan and more - all in the comforts of your own home!

The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) will be building our home plans directory as we go - but looking through a few of these plans will give you an idea of the flexibility and opportunities that come with custom home design.

Click Here to review some of our more popular plans we’ve created throughout the years. Not seeing anything you like? That’s ok - this is a small sample of what we’ve done and we'd love to chat with you about your dream home.

Call The Design Team 320-252-1517 for more information on how your idea of the perfect home can become a reality!

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When Does My Contractor Get Involved?

Mar08_InspirationalIf you are planning new home construction this spring/ summer, you may be asking yourself, “when is the best time for my contractor to get involved in the process.” You probably are juggling a lot of information/decisions right now, trying to make sure your dream home is exactly what you want and on budget.

To have the best outcome, you'll want your contractor to be involved as soon as possible. They help guide you, the homeowner with decisions and help keep costs and your budget in line.

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Considering a Remodel or Addition?

Mar03_InspirationalIf new construction and new home building is out of your reach, or not of interest to you - a remodel or addition might be just what your family needs. Do you find yourself short on space? Disorganized? Wanting more storage or more entertaining space? A addition or remodel to your St. Cloud home may be just the answer.

Where do you start?
The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) sets up a meeting at your home to discuss your ideas, lifestyle, room to room relationships, existing conditions, etc. At that time, The Design Team will also take photos & measure existing conditions of the affected areas. Once The Design Team has a comprehensive idea of your lifestyle and home they take it to the “drawing board."

The next step includes laying out the existing conditions to create an as-is plan. This gives the entire team an inclusive view of your home. From there we would draw the proposed changes on the as-is layout - creating your “new” space.

This strategy is very effective with St. Cloud home remodels and home additions. This allows you the homeowner to get a comprehensive look of the space and how it works with your existing home. Being confident with every part of your addition/remodel will make your experience much more positive.

If you are considering an addition or remodel to your home this spring/summer, the time to contact The Design Team is now! We are drawing plans for homeowners who want to break ground as soon as they can. Are you one of them? Give us a call 320-252-1517 for more information or to set-up your appointment for The Design Team to visit you at your home.

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Home Style of the Month: Gothic


The Design Team has received a lot of interest in the Victorian home style in recent months, so this month the Home Style of the Month is “Gothic”.

Most of the Victorian Gothic houses were built after the Civil War. The Gothic style was based on the Gothic churches of Europe which are still standing today.

    Some Gothic Home Style Characteristics Include:
  • 12/12 to 16/12 roof slope
  • Pointed arched window
  • Tall double-hung windows
  • Stucco, brick or stone and some 6” lap siding
  • Carpenters lace, gingerbread
  • Asymmetrical
  • Porches
  • Occasionally turrets were used
  • Stained glass
  • Bay windows
  • Gable roof
  • 2 or 3 stories
  • Gothic window in door
  • About a 1’ overhang

Are you interested in the Gothic home style? Contact The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) 888-275-7732 for more information on Gothic home style influences and to see if the Gothic home style is right for you and your lifestyle.

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Central Minnesota Spring Trade Shows

Feb04_snowmeltThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) will be taking our show on the road coming this spring! Whether you are looking to build your custom dream home, or remodel your current home, we have something for everyone. Getting a feel for what is available is the first step, so we hope to see you there! We can assist you with designing your dream home from the ground up!

Our lineup :

Central Minnesota Builders Association Home Show, March 6-8
Location: St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, MN

Williston Area Builder's Association's 2015 Home and Garden Show, April 24-26
Location: Raymond Family Community Center, Williston, ND

Alexandria Home and Garden Show March 7-8
Location: Runestone Community Center, Alexandria MN

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Building Code Changes That Will Affect Your Upcoming Building Projects

HomeownerThe Design Team would like to make you aware of certain code changes that will be taking affect starting January 24th, 2015. While these codes will affect your bottom line in expenses, ultimately they will serve to make your home more safe and energy-efficient.

These codes will include new insulation methods and energy tests, as well as fire safety regulations. There will be further energy codes coming into effect in February of this year. You can discuss these changes with your contractor. We will have more information available on these codes soon. Rest assured the Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) will work with you to ensure these new codes are implemented in the most efficient ways.

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North Dakota Building - Creating a Community Feel

designteamLogo currentWe are excited about our new townhome project coming to North Dakota. These homes are designed for family living, with lots of detail and cub appeal. These aren't townhouses, they are townhomes! Our focus is on community, and creating an atmosphere that is welcoming for all generations. Call The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) at 320-252-1517 for more details today!

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Building a Home This Year? What You Need to Know.

Feb08_lakehouseIt's not too late to come in and start planning your dream home this year! Contractors do get booked up fairly quickly, but there is still time to get started.

We have many exciting styles of home plans on offer. Lake homes are no longer just seasonal residences, they have become year-round homes. Whether you're looking for a modern prairie-style home, a classic craftsman-style home, or even a new farmhouse look, The Design Team has a plan to suit every need! The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) is now in its 18th year of business, and looking forward to building your dream home. Call us today at 320-252-1517 and get started!

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House Style of the Month: Rambler

Mega HomesThis home design offers some new adaptations on a more traditional favorite. What in the past has been referred to as a Rambler-style home, now incorporates some different features. This floor plan is one-story, and can include a patio home design. Often narrower lots will encourage creative design variations. These homes offer large basements, which are perfect for additional living space, recreation areas or entertaining. Although original rambler homes were fairly simple, we now see them dressed up with interesting roof lines, details borrowed from many styles, or porches. Are you thinking of updating your rambler home? Give The Design Team a call (320) 252-1517.

If you feel the Rambler design fits your needs, call the Design Team, the leader in St. Cloud home design! The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) would be happy to answer any further design-related questions you may have at 320-252-1517. We look forward to designing your dream home!

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Take the Headache Out of Remodeling

Jan08_InspirationalGraphicNo matter how comfortable you are in your home or how long you've lived there, there's always one area that could stand to be fully remodeled or given an updated look. Do you have a room in mind? The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) can help refine some of the more subtle aspects of your design ideas to create an end product that enhances your original vision for the project, incorporating your feedback at every step of the process.

During an introductory consultation our designers aim to get to know you as a person and develop a detailed, yet efficient design plan that is in keeping with your personality type. We recommend you do some research online while comparing and contrasting various remodeling tactics for the area in question before calling us to shorten the expected duration of the project. Call The Design Team today at (320) 252-1517 to put your remodeling plan into action!

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Changes Coming to the Minnesota International Residential Code in 2015


The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) would like to make to make Minnesota residents aware of upcoming changes to the Minnesota energy codes and International Residential Code (IRC). The IRC will be adopted around January 24th, while the energy code is expected to be finalized in February 2015. Changes include the required installation of automatic residential fire sprinkler systems in all townhouses, two family dwellings and in single family homes 4,500 square feet or larger. The single family home floor area encompasses all floors and basements, garages excluded. Furthermore, all wireless smoke alarms must be interconnected.

These changes, along with others that redefine the definition of a "crawl space" and modify window fall protection standards, will impact contractors and homeowners working within the constraints of a budget.

The Design Team is committed to keeping our customers and contractors aware of these ongoing developments and modifying home designs to comply with these regulations if necessary. Check back with this blog frequently to stay up to date with the latest building code amendments. Questions? Please call (320) 252-1517 for the most current information.

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Start 2015 off with a bang by building your dream home!


Mark 2015 down as the year the blueprints for that much discussed and debated dream home--once only found in your imagination--finally takes physical shape thanks in part to the expertise and people first approach that is a hallmark of The Design Team (St. Cloud MN). When considering the kind of home you wish to build, it's important not to go into the process with the idea that one particular home design, feature, or square footage number is absolutely essential. Such a mindset will lead to escalating costs and regret later on.

The Design Team recommends scheduling an hour long consultation that will allow us to get a better understanding of the expectations you have for your project. During this time you can also review plan books at our office or purchase them to take home. A first draft is then delivered within 2-3 weeks , although this timetable varies according to the relative complexity of the project and your personal needs. Please call (320) 252-1517 today to get started.

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Check out The Design Team at 2015 Spring Tradeshows!

Jan02_InspirationalGraphicThe Design Team (St. Cloud MN) will be hitting the road this spring to exhibit at three home and garden/design tradeshows in the area. Whether your questions center around increasing your home's overall value as you look to sell, landscaping, finding efficient energy options for 2015, or remodeling tips and tricks, you're sure to discover useful information from some of the best minds in home design at the following venues:

Central Minnesota Builders Association HomeShow March 6-8 2015
Location: St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, MN

Hours: Friday 12-9, Saturday 9-7, Sunday 10-4 Matt Muenster, licensed contractor and star of DIY Network's Bath Crashers, will have a featured demonstration March 6th at 7 PM and March 7th at 12 PM & 4 PM

Williston Area Builders Association's 2015 Home and Garden Show April 24-26 2015
Location: Raymond Family Community Center. Williston, ND

Be sure to watch the blog for updates regarding an upcoming show in Alexandria, MN. We hope to see you at one or more of these events this spring!

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January House Style of the Month: Modern Split Entry


This particular home design has the distinction of being one of the preferred house designs following the end of WWII, lasting in popularity from roughly 1945-1980, at which point traditional housing began to come back into favor. The modern split entry house, also known as a split level design, is characterized by a wide open floor plan and a gable or hip roof. It is ideal for those looking for a traditional home design that affords the owner a certain amount of flexibility. The split level design can accommodate any type of door or window and has a 1' to 2' overhang.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of this home is that it can be built quickly and inexpensively. If you believe the Modern Split Entry Home Design fits your needs, call The Design Team, the leader in St. Cloud Home Design! The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) would be happy to answer any further design related questions you may have at 320-252-1517 as they work towards building your dream home!

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Holiday Entertaining - It Comes Down to the Space


During the holidays, space can come at a premium. Out of town guests, family members returning with spouses and grandchildren, or hosting the holiday work party - we all wish our homes were just a little bit larger and more spacious.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanza, every holiday guest will appreciate a new, or freshly remodeled home. If your family comes first, and you find yourself short on space - be sure to treat them with something that will last a lifetime. Visit us at for information on what we can provide you and your family. During our initial consultation we take the time to learn about you and your lifestyle and how your home can complement it. We look forward to connecting with you!

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House Style of the Month: Homestead or Farmhouse


Be sure to check out the Design Team’s house of the month for December: the Homestead. Sometimes referred to as American Country or Farmhouse, this style home was brought to the Midwest from 1850-1920, influenced mainly by Victorian and Colonial homes.

Most often, these homes would start small and as more space was needed, homesteaders would add to their homes. Features include 6” lap siding, double hung windows, small panes of glass, gable roofs and most distinguishable, their wrap around porches.

Is the Homestead of Farmhouse right for you? Which features do you most enjoy and would you most like incorporated into your home? It's a beautiful home style with lots of potential - is it right for you? Call The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) 320-252-1517 to find out more information on Homestead or Farmhouse custom home plans.

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