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Tiny Houses Make Their Way to St. Cloud

The tiny houses trend has been sweeping the nation and is one of the newest home plans in MN. Always looking for new ways to design and build, the St. Cloud Technical and Community College (SCTCC) is joining the tiny house revolution. The Design Team has graduates from SCTCC who bring that same spirit of innovation into our St. Cloud home planning and design.

Environmentally Friendly Tiny Houses
More and more people in the U.S. are taking steps to combat environmental waste and commit to a simpler lifestyle. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by building tiny houses. While the average American home is over 2,000 square feet, tiny houses can be anywhere between 65 and 400 square feet. This means fewer building materials are used and the house uses up far less energy. If you are looking for St. Cloud new home build ideas that are environmentally friendly, a tiny house might be just the thing for you.

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New Design Team Plans Online!

CustomHomePlans_TheDesignTeamThe Design Team is introducing new plans on our site. If you need a little inspiration as you dream up your custom St. Cloud, MN home design or you want to know more about what types of homes we can build, then check out our “plans” page on our website.

A Huge Selection of Styles
We offer several different multi-level home plans with possibilities for square footage of up to 2442 square feet. We also have a variety of two story and one and a half story home plans. Several loft plans are also available. If a cabin home is your dream, The Design Team can help with a custom cabin plan design that is perfect for you. We also specialize in building cottage style homes and ramblers.

Whatever your dream home looks like, The Design Team has a plan for you. All of our plans can even be modified to fit your exact needs. Browse through our plans online and schedule a meeting with The Design Team to get started.

The Design team is based in St Cloud, Minnesota. We can meet with you in our St. Cloud office, at any Simonson Lumber locations, or virtually in the comfort of your home.

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Fall Home Tours - Start in September!

Fall home tours for 2015 are being prepared in Minnesota, offering a sampling from the best Central Minnesota builders. If you are interested in learning more about home plans in MN from various builders in the area, start marking these dates in your calendar.

The Central Minnesota Builders Association (CMBA) is hosting their fall home tour on September 18-20 and September 25-27. Several builders will be participating in the tour with home listings for St. Cloud house plans as well as others in Sartell, Sauk Rapids, Rice, St. Augusta, Foley, and Becker.

The Mid-Minnesota Builders Association (MMBA) will be hosting their Lakes Area Home Tour in Brainerd, MN from September 11-13. The MMBA will be organizing homes from several different builders for the fall Lakes Area Home Tour.

VBA Tour
The Vikingland Builders Association (VBA) is another organization that will be hosting a fall home tour. The tour will take place from August 29-30 in Alexandria, MN.

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Still Time to Build This Year

HouseDrawings_TheDesignTeamBelieve it or not, there is still time to build your St. Cloud custom home this year! Even if you got off to a late start, you can still get started and make great progress on your St. Cloud, MN home planning and design. The Design Team can help you start building before the year is out.

Organize and Plan Ahead
Organization is key if you still want to start building or working on your St. Cloud additions and renovations this year. Know what you still need to get done and plan ahead for your fall or winter build. There will be many tasks to take care of if you still want to build this year but your dream home can be possible with some organization.

With The Design Team by your side, you can start building your home this year.

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The Design Team Process



There are many steps between finding your custom dream home and the reality of watching it come to life. Our experts at The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) have streamlined this process to make it as seamless as possible for everyone involved. Whether you are planning to remodel or build from the ground up, The Design Team follows these steps:

Initial Consultation: (no charge) Approximate 1-hour meeting to discuss homeowner's ideas, lifestyle, home size, room-to-room relationships, lot conditions, etc. For remodels, measurements and photos will also be taken.

Estimate/Work Order: (50% deposit) We determine an estimate based on complexity, size, and general scope of project. If preliminary design work exceeds deposit amount, you will only be charged for time spent on the plans.

Phase 1: (Not build-ready plans) Preliminary design based on 1st client meeting.

New construction: Includes floor plan and 1 elevation (typically front elevation is shown, though lakeside elevation may be preferred for lakeside property)

Remodels and additions: As-is layout of existing structure (or affected areas), floor plans and elevations of proposed design changes



Phase 2: (not build-ready plans) Revisions and fine-tuning

  • Meetings to discuss client feedback, design recommendations, and changes to the plans. (Note: our 'allowances for revisions' on our work order is estimated for 2-3 rounds of revisions. We keep you posted how many hours are used on the project.)
  • Revisions to the plans
  • Add foundation plan, all 4 elevations, a preliminary section and a roof plan

Phase 3: (permit- and construction-ready plans) Final construction documents

  • Add dimensions, notes, window callouts and rough openings, stair and building sections (Note: At this point The Design Team highly recommends a pre-construction meeting with the general contractor, all sub-contractors, the designer, and the homeowner to go over everything and minimize issues down the road.)
  • Plan review, final changes and corrections
  • Plans issued

Call The Design Team today and take that first step toward making your custom dream home a reality! (320)-252-1517. We look forward to meeting with you!

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We're Building You Up


Now is the time to think about that remodel you've been contemplating. Want to enclose that screened porch? Add a loft? Build a guest cottage? The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) has the expert design staff to help make your building dreams a reality. Add a guest room. Remodel your dream kitchen. Put in that skylight. Whatever your idea, The Design Team is here to build you up from brainstorm to bright addition. Call (320)-252-1517 today to set up your free consultation and get started!

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What's Your Plan?

b2ap3_thumbnail_CraftsmanCustomHome_TheDesignTeam.jpgThe Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) wants you to make the best possible informed decisions on your upcoming dream home. That's why we offer all our plans right online for you to browse, along with our stunning photo gallery. We give you all the basic outlines to work with. Need modifications? Expansions? No problem! The Design Team offers home plans to peruse at your leisure. Seeing everything in black-and-white to start with helps you to envision what your ideal home will look like. Call St. Cloud's expert custom home designers, The Design Team, at (320)-252-1517 today, to set up your no cost, no obligation consultation. New home plans including loft, cabin over, and cottage are now available online. Click and call!

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Houzz Things



Want to see your dream home plans come to life in full color? The Design Team (St. Cloud, MN) is proud to be featured on Houzz, the one-stop website for all ideas on remodeling and building. Follow us on Houzz to keep up with current construction, projects, designs, and more. Simply find The Design Team, St. Cloud Custom Home Designers, on the Houzz site and click "Follow." You can also contact us directly through the Houzz website or by calling (320)-252-1517 to set up your free initial consultation. We look forward to building with you!

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Home Style of the Month: Craftsman

The American Craftsman-style bungalow has its roots in the British Arts and Crafts movement beginning in the 1860s. The goal was to incorporate simplicity of design with local natural materials and handicraft. Handcrafted wood, metal, and glass works are used in these simple, elegant designs.

        Craftsman features include:


  • gabled roof
  • deep overhanging eaves
  • exposed rafters
  • front porch
  • double-hung windows
  • tapered columns supporting roof
  • mixed materials

The Craftsman design was used by Frank Lloyd Wright, who used it to help create the Prairie Style home, an offshoot of the Craftsman. This traditional home design has been honed and perfected over the years, and remains a mainstay in American culture. Contact the Design Team today and explore if the Craftsman is the perfect design for you and your family. We serve St. Cloud, MN and beyond. Call (320)-252-1517 and get started with your free consultation.

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Building in the St Cloud Area - What You Need to Know

Bungalow_CustomFeatures_StCloudYou may have noticed the increase in new home construction in the St Cloud area. Building permits are up in the St Cloud area and homeowners are starting or in the middle of building their dream home. If you’ve been considering building in the St Cloud area, below are a few resources you may want to review.

City of St Cloud - Building Safety

"The City of St. Cloud helps ensure construction of safe buildings and protects community character through zoning laws and building code regulations. The Building Safety Department administers these laws through permits and inspections. When you as a homeowner build something in St. Cloud or change the way you use the home or property, you may need to obtain a permit. "

When Do You Need a Permit? (FAQ’s around City of St Cloud Building Permits)

"Building permits are required for room additions, decks (with walking surface over 6-inches above grade), porches, finishing basements, wood stoves, masonry fireplaces, interior modifications (including any work where existing framing is exposed), structure or non-structural renovations or repairs, demolition work, accessory structures over 100 square feet in area, re-roofing, re-siding, replacement windows (including window inserts), and retaining walls over 4-feet high.

Separate electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits are required for the installation, alteration, repair, relocation, replacement or addition to any wiring, piping, duct alterations, and any equipment, fixtures or appliances associated with those systems."

If you have questions regarding building in the St Cloud area, feel free to give The Design Team a call. We work with the City of St Cloud, local contractors and lumberyards to seamlessly build your new home.

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A Unique Process for Your Unique Home Remodel

Bungalow_CustomHomeDesignCustom home designs and clients looking for a one-of-a-kind home design are unique, and so is The Design Team’s process. At The Design Team, we take pride in getting to know each client's specific needs, style and budget. It's our process that truly sets us apart.

First, we sit down for a free, no obligation consultation meeting. We'll talk about your lifestyle and how your home can complement and enhance your life. We ask about square footage, architectural style, how the home's views will interact with the scenery, lot requirements, your budget and more.

We really get a chance to learn about you and create a custom home design remodel that meets your needs and budget. Is your family growing? Would you like to entertain more? Do you nee more storage? These are common needs as average homeowners begin to outgrow their current home. If you aren’t ready to build from the ground up, consider a remodel. A lot of changes can be resolved with remodeling your current space to a space you love.

If you are not sure now is the right time to move or build - it may be the perfect time to remodel your current home. Contact The Design Team for your free, no obligation consultation.

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Plan Now to Start Your Fall Building Project

Bungalow_TheDesignTeamNow that you just opened your lake cabin and have started enjoying all that summer brings to Minnesota, let's start planning your fall building project! Whether you are considering a remodel to the current space, or an addition to accommodate those lake house guests - now is the time to think about what your lake home space could look like.

Enjoy your time at the lake this summer in your cabin. Make memories that last a lifetime and take some time to think about what the space could be transformed into. Need more storage? A larger entertaining space? A larger or additional garage for all of your lake toys? Perhaps a bunk house? Enjoy your cabin all summer and be prepared to start your building project when the weather gets cold.

Call The Design Team to schedule your free, no obligation meeting on site to discuss what your space could become with just a little bit of help.

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Home Style of the Month: Bungalow

Bungalow-Remodel-StCloudThe History of the Bungalow Home:

The peak of the bungalow popularity was from 1900 to 1930. It was built mostly by "do it yourself type people," who ordered a set of plans from some company, or they did their own plans. Some people say it was where the rambler got its start.

  • Mostly double-hung windows
  • 1 to 1 1/2 stories
  • 6" lap siding, stucco or whatever the person wanted that was building the house
  • Open ends on rafters
  • 4/12 to 8/12 roof slope
  • 1' to 2' overhangs
  • Most of the time they were small in size
  • All types of doors
  • Large porch posts

Is the Bungalow home style best for you? If the bungalow home style is a true reflection of you and your family, let The Design Team know! The Design Team has some great new home design ideas for the St Cloud area and beyond. Give us a call 320-252-1517 to get started!

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Wondering What a New Home Looks Like?

May10_InspirationalNew home design can seem a bit overwhelming once you decide to move forward with building your next home. But, it doesn’t have to be!

Choosing the right designer is an important first step and sets the tone of the project. At the Design Team St Cloud MN, every member of our team is well trained, professional and readily available to serve you.

Click Here to see what recent new home design looks like. From remodels and additions, to dream homes, The Design Team has a well trained team of professionals full of ideas and ready to serve you.

Friendly, prompt, creative and dependable are only some of the words used to describe our team of designers. Many home building companies choose to use The Design Team (St Cloud, MN) because of these very qualities. The Design Team offers its services to all of Minnesota as well as nationally. For further information on what The Design Team has to offer and its services, call (320) 252-1517.

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The Design Team - Home Plans Now Online!

May07_InspirationalAre you contemplating designing a new home? Wanting to browse plans in the comfort of your home before visiting with some designers? The Design Team has several custom home plans online for you to browse on our website. Click here.

Browse our current online home plans - from Multi-Level, to Rambler, to 1 1/2 Story, to Two Story and give us a call to let us know what you think. Modifications to each plan is available. Please contact The Design Team for information or to schedule your free, no obligation meeting.

If you need help or have questions, feel free to give us a call (320) 252-1517. We’d be happy to chat with you about your next home!

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Remodeling Your Current Home - How Do You Get Started?

May05_InspirationalFeeling a remodeling project in your future? Ready to add on or update some space in your current home? Great! Now, where to start?!

The Design Team offers an initial consultation at your home/site. While meeting with you for approximately 1 hour, we listen to your ideas, lifestyle, room to room relationships, existing conditions, etc. We will also take photos & measure existing conditions of the affected areas. (Travel time and measuring fees apply, contact us for details).

After considering the complexity, size & general scope of the project, we will determine an estimated price to complete the design work and construction documents. After the estimate, a preliminary design is put together, which is an as-is layout of existing structure (May be a partial layout based on affected areas only. You’ll receive floor plans & elevations of proposed design changes, and we will revise and fine-tune from there.

If you are ready to talk about your upcoming remodel project or addition, let us know! We’d love to hear how you plan to chance your space to better fit your lifestyle or meet your family’s needs.

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Rustic Charm with Log Homes are Perfect for Minnesota

May03_InspirationalMinnesotans are known to love the outdoors - and bringing the outdoors into the design of your home can be a natural progression when considering the aesthetic of your new home design.

Think lakefront property is the only place to incorporate the characteristics of a log home? Think again. The modern log home can look nice and fit within your neighborhood. Log homes have a sense of togetherness and privacy - especially if tucked into a wooded lot on a lake. But the modern twist on a log home can bring nature into your neighborhood - even if your lot is nestled in a great community amongst other new homes.

Contact The Design Team a call (320) 252-1517 to discuss your love of log homes - traditional or modern - and hear how you can incorporate some of those characteristics into your future new home design.

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Home Style of the Month - Log Home

MayHome_InspirationalDid you know log homes were first built by the early Swedish immigrants? The log home eventually became the favorite home for the early pioneers in the areas where there were trees because it was easy to build.

    Characteristics of Log Homes Include:
  1. Made of logs
  2. Mostly gable roofs (any slope)
  3. The early ones had a plan type door
  4. Most of the time double hung windows were used
  5. Many different types of corner joints
  6. 1 to 2 stories
  7. Chimney on end or center
  8. First windows were oil soaked cloth
  9. Very rustic
  10. The roof overhang was of all sizes

Log homes originally are very rustic - and seemingly popular in Minnesota. But, you can get the look of a traditional log home without actual logs. New products can enhance the aesthetic of your home while giving you the "rustic" feel you are going for.

Give The Design Team a call (320) 252-1517 for more information on the home style of the month - Log Home. If you are looking for the traditional style, or a more modern twist on the traditional log home, The Design Team has some great ideas to incorporate into your next home design project.

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You’ve Seen Us at a Home Show…Now It’s Time to Get Started!

Apr11_InspirationalWhether you are looking to build your custom dream home, or remodel your current home, we may have met at a recent home show. We connected with so many great people looking to create their dream home this year! Getting a feel for what what you are looking for is the first step, so give us a call to get started! We can assist you with designing your dream home from the ground up!

You probably have a lot of ideas after seeing all of the booths and speaking with all of the experts/builders/finishers/etc. Now it’s time to put those ideas on paper and start the process of your building your dream home - or remodeling your home to make it the home of your dreams.

We love some of the new trends/features that are coming out - and we have so many new ideas so share and implement into your home. Give us a call at 320-252-1517 to find out how easy it is to get started! We look forward to meeting with you and finding out what style of home best fits your lifestyle.

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Remodeling or Adding On? How Can It Transform Your Curb Appeal?

Apr08_InspirationalIf building a new home isn’t in your immediate future - that’s ok. Transforming your current space may work for you and your lifestyle - and make the most sense for you. Remodeling or adding on to your home can be a vague concept if you don’t know where to start or are having trouble visualizing the finished look.

Take a look here to see how remodeling or adding on to your home can add some major curb appeal without breaking the bank. Make your home make sense for you and your lifestyle. Consider the flow of the inside of your home - what would you change? How could you modify your exterior to maximize your curb appeal? We can help you answer these questions and so much more.

Call The Design Team at 888-275-7732 for more information on remodeling or adding on to your home. We look forward to showing you how your home can be transformed into something you will love.

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