Home Style of the Month – Log Home

by | May 4, 2015 | St Cloud Residential Home Plans

Did you know log homes were first built by the early Swedish immigrants? The log home eventually became the favorite home for the early pioneers in the areas where there were trees because it was easy to build.

  1. Made of logs
  2. Mostly gable roofs (any slope)
  3. The early ones had a plan type door
  4. Most of the time double hung windows were used
  5. Many different types of corner joints
  6. 1 to 2 stories
  7. Chimney on end or center
  8. First windows were oil soaked cloth
  9. Very rustic
  10. The roof overhang was of all sizes

Log homes originally are very rustic – and seemingly popular in Minnesota. But, you can get the look of a traditional log home without actual logs. New products can enhance the aesthetic of your home while giving you the “rustic” feel you are going for.

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